Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Shannon Car Show

Last Sunday I had intended to attend the British Car Day at Trentham Park, but on Saturday I discovered that the Shannon Progressive Association was holding their Spectacular Car Show at the Shannon Domain. So I loaded my wife on to the back of the trusty Beemer and headed to Shannon. Dropping my wife off at Palmerston North to spend time with one of our daughters.
These  Rovers  were often referred to as "Aunty Rover".
When I was a young lad it seemed every little old lady (who was reasonably well off) drove one of these.
This one is a 75 from 1952.
This was the best photo I managed to get of the 1957 Lincoln Continental Premiere as it was leaving.
It didn't actually have a telegraph pole on top !
A fully restored 1955 Volkswagen 1200.
I served my apprenticeship on these.
This 1968 Nissan Gloria was not restored. It was discovered in Christchurch in 2009 with 6000 miles on the clock.
Still has the original plastic covering over the sun visors and the original cross-ply tyres.
Very nice Ford Zodiac from 1955.
My Dad had a '54 Zephyr, but that was before I learned to drive.
I can't imagine why anyone would spend all this money on a Ferrari F430 and order it in matt black !
It looked bloody awful....am I old fashioned?
1986 328 and 1977 308 in far more sensible hues. 
This 1963 EJ Holden Wagon was better than new inside and out.
Ford Thunderbird from '63 looks as if towing this caravan would have been an easy task.
This Porsche 356 replica was well constructed. I thought it was the real thing when I first looked at it.

Unfortunately I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked as I had the digi camera on a macro setting which made some of my shots slightly out of focus. Without my specs on I hadn't noticed the little symbol in the corner of the viewing screen. I hate cameras without viewfinders.

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NaClH2OK9 said...

Shit, an apprenticeship served on "Hitlers revenge" that could scar a guy for life.