Saturday, February 9, 2013

Omaka Classic Cars

At New Year I was in Marlborough for a family event and got to see Omaka Classic Cars which I missed last time I was there to see the aircraft museum.
The 1984 380SL Mercedes wasn't really a sports car, more of a grand touring convertible, but a magnificent motor car all the same.
I remember when every little old lady had a standard one of these and a lot of young men had highly modified examples.
This Ford Anglia from 1961.
The spartan interior of the above Anglia.
The Peugeot 404 was a refined saloon for its day. Certainly a much quieter and smoother car than its  BMC look-a-likes.
The engines were also renowned for covering very high mileages with little maintenance.
Even the interior with its long column shifter has a reasonably up-market look about it.
My wife surveys the Ford line-up...Falcons, Escorts, Anglias, Capris, Cortinas.......Those were the days.
The Brits down on the farm. The Massey-Ferguson 135, manufactured from 1964 to 1975 and a series 3 Land Rover  from 1980.
The two Holdens nearest the camera would be my two favourite models. The HR and the EH.
Nice to see a 750 Honda in restored condition. Unfortunately far from original with its 4 into 2 exhausts and painted parts which should be chromed.
Jaguars are obviously special to the collection owner. This line is  made up of Mk IX, Mk VIII, Mk VII and my wife is obscuring the Mk V.
The Mk II bodied V8 Daimler was a reasonably popular car in NZ, but this is the first 4 speed manual with overdrive I have ever seen.
 Although this model was produced from October '62 to July 1969 (firstly as the 2.5 litre V8, later called V8 250) manual transmissions were only available as an option from February 1967. So I'm guessing the proportion of the total 17880 made in manual form was fairly low.
Jaguar's brilliant XK engine was a masterpiece. Here it is squeezed into an XK 140.
The aforementioned Mk V Jaguar.


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