Tuesday, February 5, 2013


The Old Vic recently showed these photos on Big Lorry Blog, but we reckon they are worth repeating here.

I have included Vic's original words with this. His reference to this being a truck blog of course refers to big lorry blog.
Anything mechanical (including buses) is welcome here.

Old Vic says...I was thinking the other day that while Bedfords don't have a particularly glamorous image, they have moved a huge amount of freight and a very large number of people around different countries over the years, especially in the years since the war with their O, S and TK models and their derivatives and bus equivalents. In New Zealand there were huge numbers of OB and SB buses and I believe that NZR Road Services, who ran almost all the long distance buses in NZ, had the biggest fleet of SB Bedfords in the world. What started me thinking about this was a TV programme I saw the other day that included an OB coach travelling around some English villages and along some hilly roads; the sound of that unique whine from 2nd and 3rd gears in that 4-speed gearbox brought back lots of memories, it is a sound that will never be forgotten.

Anyway, this a truck site, not a bus one, but with the older Bedfords there was not much difference between the truck and bus models. There are lots of old Bedfords around NZ parked in paddocks or beside the roads, some mobile still, some not, and I thought "Why not take some photos of some of the ones I pass on my next trip south?" So here is the result, I saw more than this but some of them were in places where I couldn't stop the Inter to take a photo.

Cheers, Vic

Big Lorry Blog is a UK based blog covering everything trucking world wide  and includes much input from this side of the world. Well worth a look athttp://www.commercialmotor.com/big-lorry-blog

If anyone else has more Bedford photos of any era I would love to post them here.

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