Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wings Over Wairarapa (2)

The Aero Vodochody L39c Albatros was built in Czechoslovakia as a jet trainer. There are many of these now in private hands around the world.
A scale replica Mustang with polished fuselage gleams in the hot sun.
The RNZAF Boeing 757 did a low pass followed by a full power steep climb.
Life Flight's new air ambulance is a BAE Jetstream with livery representing bandages.
The Jetstream's panael.
Officials keep an eye on the line of North American Harvards (T6 Texan if you are stateside) while  one of the Navy's five Kaman Seasprites dances around the sky in the background.
An RNZAF Lockheed P-3K Orion passes low level with flaps and gear dangling. The Orions are part of the Air Force's  Airborne Surveillance and Response Force.
Five Harvards perform a routine.
A Hughes 500 demonstrates its fire-fighting skills.
This MX2 put on a magnificent display for 8 minutes. Very little of it could be described as flying....more like falling, tumbling and spinning!
A de Havilland DH115 Vampire taxis by.
This Albatros is in very civillian livery.
Three Albatrosses and two Vampires

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