Friday, January 18, 2013

New Snaps

Here are a few of my recent snaps..
Just before Christmas there were a lot of  logs being harvested in this area. This is a line up of "Out of Town" loggers at  Copthorne Solway Park motor inn. Note the trusty old Mack Ultra-liner, second from the far end.
A McCarthy's Scania logger heads north on Chapel Street in Masterton, on its way back to the forests for another load.
Burling Kenworth heading south on Chapel Street with a load.
These couple of shots are at the Picton ferry terminal just after sunset, hence the dull blurry  look.
New model Kenworth conventional of Strait Freight.
Owen's Freightliner  Coronado.

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Unknown said...

The coronado is owned by fitchett hoggard and is contracted to new zealand couriers it is doing taupo to auckland swaps at the moment