Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm Back !!!

A few more pictures from Max to celebrate being back in action.
Reid's Kenworth LW924R from 1975 has been in their ownership for a number of years and must have clocked up several hundred thousand kilometres by now.
Balle Bros is a grower and supplier of fresh produce. Curtain sided B-train behind a Kenworth Aerodyne.
HTL Foden 8 wheeler tractor pulling a 4 axle semi.
4 wheel drive Scania for fertiliser spreading. The trailer carries bulk fertiliser  for  topping up the truck.
Body of trailer is raised hydraulically to tip into truck parked alongside.
Jets Transport Hino probably carrying general freight.
Earlier model Hino than above operating as a horse transporter.
Maskill's Kenworth Aerodyne with decks full of mechanical beasts.

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