Monday, October 15, 2012

More Findings from a Second Look Through My Collection

R series Mack of Regan Haulage in Masterton's Chapel Street. Early morning, so driver is just climbing back in with breakfast in hand.

NZR Road Services TM Bedford with Detroit power of course.

Produce Freighters' Commer parked on Ngaumutawa Road in Masterton.

Ferrari driving John Pinel had a magnificently presented fleet. Each truck was a different colour and featured varying graphics. They unfortunately all disappeared after is untimely death.
This Scania is parked at Jackson Enterprises yard in Pahiatua.
Jacksons built truck bodies: their website gallery at is worth a look.

Harlands had a fleet of Volvo FHs appropriately liveried as the Harland Globetrotters

Herb Renall's smart fleet of Mack Ultra-liners at his Waingawa depot.

This 6 wheel drive bus was used in Kaitaia in the far north of NZ for tours along Ninety Mile Beach. I have no idea what it was based on.
Incidentally, Ninety Mile Beach is not 90 miles long. Actually closer to 90 kilometres.

Brand new MAN awaiting delivery in Palmerston North. NZ MANs of this era (80s) were supplied from Australia and featured headlamps mounted in the front panel rather than in the bumper as on the European models. This was to meet a minimum headlamp height requirement.

Waikato Heavy Haulage's Scammell Contractor filling up with diesel in the far north of NZ has featured on my blog previously, but this shot is from a different (and better) angle.
Contractors which did not require a crew cab, made use of the LAD cab which forward control Leyland, Albions and Dodges wore at that time.
Probably a lttle less crammed without the central engine hump.

Quite a number of Pacifics came to NZ as loggers. This one at O'Conner's yard in Lincoln Road, Masterton.

This R series Mack with twin air cleaners was rigged as an A-train full of posts when spotted near a motel I stayed at in Taupo. Semi trailer is a tipper and I apologise for not getting the second trailer in the picture, but it would have meant pointing the camera straight into the setting sun.

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