Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Here We Go Again

There's no shortage of truck photos from Max's front porch. Don't think he sits there all day taking photos, he runs a business as well !
Western Star of Rangitikei Aggregates could be carting anything from sand to huge rocks.

This Hino would have to be carrying steel I would deduce from the name on the door.

Self loading ability, but no load on this Hino of Allan Shaw Carrying Co. from Paraparaumu on the Kapiti coast.

Menefy's Mack Qantum appears to be carrying scrap metal.
I suspect it could be for MacAulays, as they are from the same area.

By the colours of this Foden I suspect it previously belonged to Hooker Pacific.

Big chilled rig of AF Logistics. This Volvo FM Globetrotter pulls a trailer that hasn't had time to be sign written yet.

Mainfreight Isuzu on three axles.

Fairly obvious what this Isuzu carries.

Hino and trailer of Hooker Pacific with curtains.

I'm not familiar with Hessel's Poultry Farm operation in Foxton, but to operate a Freightliner and trailer of this size, it must be a rather large operation.

Tranzlink Scania with 20 ft container.

Hall's from Auckland have many temperature controlled rigs operating throughout NZ.
This Kenworth with sleeper pulls a 4 axle trailer.

MacAulays Mercedes Benz Actros with another load of scrap for their yard in Seaview.

Another Actros, this time with the high mounted cab as an 8 wheeler concrete pump.

Bobtailling Western Star of Halls.

If you have driven on New Zealand roads at all, you will have surely seen one of Frontera's many Scanias or Volvos in this configuration as they go about their collections from thousands of dairy farms each day.

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