Sunday, October 14, 2012

More Of Max's Machines in Motion

I'm astounded at the number of trucks that pass by Max's house and as he has pointed out, these are only those heading south. There are just as many heading into Palmerston North.
AF Logistic's rig with chilled supermarket products. This 6 axle set-up was the norm for large articulated vehicles until a change in regulations a few years ago made 8 axles necessary for maximum weights.
 Foodstuffs who control the Pak'n Save and New World supermarkets (amongst others) had their own fleet of yellow trucks, delivering goods from their warehouses. A lot of other products were delivered direct from the manufacturer.
A few years ago they built a huge new Warehouse facility in Palmerston North to supply the lower North Island with all products. This meant that manufacturers who had previously supplied supermarkets directly would now supply their goods direct to the Palmerston North warehouse to be distributed by Foodstuffs own trucks. Of course Foodstuffs immediately required a larger fleet of trucks, so the easiest way to do this was to purchase an existing fleet, which they achieved by acquiring AF Logistics. This explains why some trucks are still in the original Foodstuffs colours as the Nissan above, and also how I came to lose my truck driving job at Premier Bacon, as Premier no longer required its own trucks to deliver to the supermarkets directly.
See the Isuzu further down for AF Logistics latest livery.

Mainstream appear to have a fleet of mostly rigid curtain sides on general freight. Apparently they do run larger trucks, but I don't remeber seeing any. This Isuzu is typical of those I have seen.

Here is a latest model Isuzu in the current AF Logistics livery.

Allied Petroleum Mack with B-train tankers.

I don't know the name on the door of this one.
An Iveco Powerstar transports a log skidder on its low loader.

Bright yellow DAF carries the mail for Courier Post as a sheep carries on munching.

Majestics have been transporting horses since 1938. They began in Palmerston North, but over the years they have taken over other companies and now their head office is Auckland, although they still maintain a Palmerston North branch.
From memory I don't think their colours have changed much as is seen on this Nissan.
Is that the same sheep still munching?

Single deck car carrier of Auto Movements carries a couple of older vehicles pulled by a Scania P114L of 340hp.

Jets Transport 6 wheeler Hino heads back to its base in Petone near Wellington.

Its a Nissan, but I don't know who it is operated by or what it's carting.
I would guess at something like silage, but with my limited farming knowledge I don't think it's the right time of year.

Great to see an ERF still working. With the 14 litre Cummins its probably still fairly reliable too.

20 tyres on the road for this chemical carrying Mack and semi of Fluidex.

At least he'll never run out of diesel. A Freightliner from BP.

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