Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Bit of a Mixture

I saw this Bentley in town a couple of days ago. Knowing how solid they are built, I doubt the occupants suffered any injuries...... unlike the owners wallet.

Having my lunch in the truck cab on Tuesday I saw Macaulays Kenworth approaching, so snapped it out the window on a nice sunny day.

Passed through Shannon a few weeks ago and spotted this Commer through a hole in a fence.

From Max comes the following. This pic of  a Scania in a bit of a hurry.
Look under the trailer and you can see the car he is passing !

Mack Trident with curtain side B-train of Cardinal Logistics.

Golden Bay cement Western Star must have a kitchen sink in the cab.
The driver has done the dishes and is now drying his cup out the window.

PTS Fuso with empty low loader.

Max must have got up early one morning to snap this one of a couple of wind turbine blades making their way up to the Te Apiti Wind Farm.


MAX said...

The photo of the wind turbine blades was taken 23/5/2004 at 14.50 PM, so it must have been quite a bleak overcast day

NaClH2OK9 said...

Ah, the TS3 Commer......
My father drove one, for a short while, Hmmmm. They were out there. Sounded like a very tinny version of a 2 stroke Detroit. When you worked on the engines it was easy to see why. Holy shit, who dreamed them up in their lunchtime. He also drove a 6v53 TK Bedford with an Allison 6 speed auto with twin Eatons. Went like a raped Ape! I'll dig some photo's up.