Sunday, May 6, 2012

Recent Travels and Events

On the 20th of April this International 9800i parked outside my work place just as I was closing up to go home, so I had to snap it.

On the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of April, both my daughters were home and my wife's sister was also visiting so on the Sunday we went for a walk in the Rewanui Forest Park. It is on farmland and offers a variety of walks according to ones ability. here is the family heading towards those bushes on that hill.

My daughter Alice makes her way through the beautiful bush.

City slicker, Alice, in her sandals walks near a huge ugly tree.

The Taipos at Langdale form a jagged skyline.

There is also a track to the top of this hill, but as members of my family suffer from an arthritic condition we did not attempt this.

25th of April is ANZAC Day, and a holiday in NZ. On that day I decide to ride the Beemer to the top of Whariti near Woodville. Here is the Te Apiti windfarm from that road.

I never got right to the top as the road is quite rough going (in places)  for a road bike. Apparently, at the top, it is possible to see the east and west coast of the North Island.
In this photo the view is towards Woodville.

From the same location, looking towards the wind farm.

My cousin Ted Thornton  passed away on the 18th of April and I attended his funeral on the 20th.
I always had a lot of respect for Ted. He was some 20 years older than me, but it was always obvious to me that he was a hard worker and loved a to joke and have a good laugh. Ted was a keen photographer.
This pic from the 60s shows him with his "wind-up" movie camera. Battery technology came later.
R.I.P. Ted.

At Eketahuna I saw this Mercedes Benz 1924 unloading a digger. An old Benz still giving good service.


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