Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Photos from the Archives

I have been a bit slack with posting new blogs lately. I had intended to be out on the Beemer during the summer taking lots of photos, but alas our summer was so bad I didn't go very far at all. In fact I have travelled more during autumn as it has been more settled. I haven't many new pix so here are some more (a mixture) from my archives.
A couple of years ago a workmate who was approaching retirement age, decided to relive his youth and buy a motorcycle again. He purchased this Honda GB400TT Mk II from Hawera and asked me if I would ride it home as he hadn't been on a bike for some years. I'll give anything a go (especially riding a bike) but was wondering how I would cope with the lowish bars and a vibrating single over a distance of some 270kms.
I need not have been concerned. The single was much smoother than I imagined and the riding position near perfect. A most enjoyable day.

The DS Citroen always looked futuristic, but I think the DS21 with the 4 headlamps looked the best. This 1969 model was snapped at a Citroen meeting in 2009.

Two Silver Clouds, a '55 and a '60 at a British Car Day in 2009.

Morris 1000s are my favourite small car. This 1957 model in Police livery is at the same event as the Clouds above.

Same event again. A 1956 Daimler Conquest. Not a common car to see restored in NZ.

A '53 MG TF. The same age as me and in better shape!

1968 Triumph TR5 P.I. I think this configuration is called a "Surrey" top, I'm not sure if this was an option or whether all could be configured this way.

Three Vauxhalls. '63 Victor, '63 Velox and '62 Velox.

Jensen Interceptor twins. A '73 and a '75.

A cute little Austin A 35 Countryman from 1963.

The Anglia from Ford was a popular car to modify, when I was a young man.
The Rostyle wheels and fat tyres suggest that this one may have some engine mods.
This is a 1961.

This 1967 Morris Minor 1000 Traveller has non standard wheels. I'm not sure what they are off, but they look a little bit  like those from an  MGA.

Two series 2 Minor covertibles. A '54 and a '56.

The Wolseley 1500 (and equivalent Riley One-Point-Five) was originally thought of as a replacement for the
Morris 1000, but the Morrie soldiered on in production long after the Wolsely and Riley production had ended.


Anonymous said...

from the look of the washers under the guard of the "mgTF" i suggest it is a kit car fiberglass replica. Denby

Trev Jones said...

Thanks for that Denby. I see what you mean, but Carjam lists it as a 1953 MG TF Midget; country of origin...UK.

Vic Hungerford said...

Many years ago I owned an MG TD and my brother owned an MG TF. I am pretty certain that car in the photo is a genuine one, not a replica.

One bit of interesting info since there are photos of the Minor 1000 and the Wolseley 1500.......... the car the late great W.O.Bentley used as his personal transport in his later years was a Morris Minor 1000 fitted with the high-speed Wolseley diff. No doubt this would bring back memories of his very high-geared Bentleys, but I don't know how the Morrie would have gone when it came to a hill!