Wednesday, May 30, 2012

OK Trucks It Is.

Looking at a summary of the hits on my various blogs, it is obvious that my truck photos get the most attention. So I will endeavour to keep my truck photos coming out of the archives. Please feel free to comment.

RFL pulled A-trains with these single screw R series Macks. In fact they were two semi-trailers with a single axle detachable dolly under the second trailer.

In typical American day cab fashion, Mack's Cruise liner day cab was tall and narrow. Alan Powell's new rig was on display at a truck show in the Pascal Street stadium in Palmerston North.

LK series Scanias had the set forward front axle with the access steps behind the mudguard.

Transport Wairarapa also had a number of Scanias, but theres were LBs with the set back front axle.

Transport Wairarapa also had a couple of these 8 wheeler Nissans. With a very high mounted cab and only a step ring on the front wheel, they looked as if they may have been difficult to get in and out of.

They also ran some later model Scanias with the lower P cab.

An HE Hino at a truck show at the Winter Show Building in Wellington

This R series Mack, I think, was used in a TV programme about a trucker. I can't remember the name of the show, but it starred Andy Anderson.
Denby has asked me if I have any photos of the Freightways Oshkoshs. I think this might be the only one Denby.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Trev, rumour has it there were only 18 COE Oshkosh trucks in ALL of NZ, Denby

Vic Hungerford said...

I'm not sure of the exact number, Denby, but there weren't many. They were all imported from Australia by the Freightways Group as CKD kits and were assembled here by MTD, the Mack agents. Some of them had CAT engines and the rest had 8V71 engines.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that extra Info Vic, my figure of 18 comes from an early edition of NZ Cavalcade of Trucks. I think only 2 COEs remain, one as a house truck and one For Daily Freight in Hamilton (Ron Prentergast maybe?) .
Cheers, Denby.
and keep up the good work on Big Lorry.