Thursday, April 19, 2012

Photos:- Various Subjects.

Here are a few pics I have snapped over the past week.
Anyone who has read my early blogs will remember my first car was a series IIIa Sunbeam Rapier. Last week we had a similar model come into the workshop of the motor dealer I work at. It was in for its 6 monthly WOF (that's MOT for any poms viewing this site). The owner told me he had inherited it from his father whom had owned it since 1965. It has now covered 116,000 miles and is in superb condition. It has required very little maintenance and although the overdrive has been overhauled the rest of the gearbox has not been touched. It has had some small rust spots tidied up, but has only been repainted from the centre moulding down.

Looking through my old photos I discovered I already had a photo of the same car taken at a British Car Club Day a few years ago, with the owner standing at the rear of it.

Saturday morning I woke up to a large diesel engine idling in our street. Nearby neighbour were getting a site hut placed in their back yard by crane. I don't think any construction is taking place so I am guessing they have bought or hired it as an extra room.

Once the hut was in the air the smartly painted Cat powered Kenworth headed back to Napier.

On Sunday I took the BM for a ride (with wife on pillion) to the Manawatu area. We explored the roads west of Palmerston North, passing through the settlements of Glen Oroua, Rongotea and stopped for lunch at Sanson.
This is the garage at Rongotea.

Two of the most precious things in my life outside the old bank (now community centre and  library ) at Rongotea.

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