Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rusting Relics

Here are a few vehicles I have photographed, that have seen better days.
An old Kenworth rests in the sun on a farm near Martinborough.

This International S Line at Martinborough looks in quite good condition, but the long grass indicates it hasn't moved for a little while.

A 50s Chev spends it's days beneath a tree West of Masterton.

This Commer Cob was near the main road at Eketahuna, but has now gone. Maybe taken away for restoration.

Flush door handles and front door quater-lights indicate this is an Australian built Mini "K". They were powered by the 1100cc motor. What did "K" stand for.........kangaroo maybe?

This Bedford was parked in a field on the Eketahuna-Alfredton Road. I recently saw a restored example exactly the same model as this and I am wondering if it may be the same vehicle. I must take a ride out that way and see if it is still there.

R. S. Lane Panel and Paint shop in Petone operate this workshop ute (pick-up). The rusty rear end is of course a clever bit of painting. 

An old David Brown at Eketahuna.

An empty section in Featherston is home to a Vauxhall, a couple of Wolseleys (or Rileys) and a Chev.

Gladstone to the South East of Masterton is the resting place for this International D279.

Rusty, but still in use is this Kenworth W924, snapped in Stokes Valley near Wellington in 2009.

For many years Roly Warrington had a motor garage in Carterton. The business is long gone, but Roly's old Commer is still in existence.

Two HC Vauxhall Vivas rust away in a field at Gladstone, South-East of Masterton.


The Old Vic said...

In the photo of the old cars, the two Wolseleys (or Rileys) are Wolseley 6/90s. They are neither Riley Pathfinder nor Riley Two Point Six models as only the Wolseley had the chrome strip that finished half way along the front doors.

Trev Jones said...

Thanks for that Vic. And here was me thinking you were only knowledgable about Cummins donks and Roadrangers !