Wednesday, May 18, 2011

At the Side of the Road.

The following are photos I have snapped of interesting vehicles parked at the roadside.
1938 Chev Coupe in Woodville. Appeared to be in un-restored, but very good condition.

I have always liked Mercedes-Benzs of this era. I used to see this 420SE regularly in Petone about ten years ago.

This 1994 Chev Corvette was parked in central Wellington one Sunday afternoon.

A Daimler van den plas limousine was parked near a hotel in Napier. Napier is a busy sea port on the East coast of NZ's North Island.

Feilding was the town where this 1965 Ford Mustang, complete with personalised rego plate, was spotted.

I am not a big American car fan, but do have to admit they made some fine looking two door hardtops. A 1964 Ford Galaxie in Palmerston North.  Palmerston North is a central North Island city noted for it's large university, and therefore large student population, amongst other things.

I had to look close at this taxi, in Wellington, to see that it is a  2000 Ssangyong Chairman.

In Alicetown, Lower Hutt, is a motor garage that specialises in classic cars. This 1935 Ford sedan was parked nearby.

When I was at high school, the father of one of my class-mates had a 1965 Ford Fairlane. It had been fitted with twin exhaust pipes and had a lovely V8 burble. This is one of the same model in the carpark of Southward's Motor Museum.

In 1971 I was an apprentice mechanic at a Toyota dealership when the first new model Toyota Crown arrived. It was a coupe version.  I was delighted when my boss allowed me a drive of it. The above photo is a 1975 saloon of the same body style, parked outside The Warehouse in Petone in 2005. The Warehouse is an NZ iconic, inexpensive department store which sells almost everything.

If I owned a 1956 buick Super, like this one, I wouldn't park it in a supermarket carpark. Maybe the panels are so heavy they don't dent. Photo is at Woolworths supermarket in Upper Hutt.

This 1967 Reliant Scimitar Coupe, parked in the Mount Victoria area of Wellington, is very rare in NZ. The hatchback GTEs were more common, but still fairly rare.

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