Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Few More Roadside Snaps

This 1952 series II Morris Minor was parked near the top of a steep hill at Day's Bay in the Wellington area. A tough climb for the 803cc A series motor, but at least if it ever suffered a flat battery the down-hill run would make for easy starting. Having said that I must admit that many Morries have been retro-fitted with the 948 or even 1098cc motors. I remember when a lot of small cars were fitted with these folding rear carriers for extra luggage space.

This Peugeot is parked in my own driveway. It belonged to an acquaintance of my daughter, who was passionate about Peugeots. I understood this passion after being allowed a drive of it. A very tidy 1990 Mi 16, it had handling, performance and comfort that would challenge many cars of much later years. A true classic that you would want to keep.....but he didn't !

This 190E Mercedes is parked  in an alley in central Wellington. I assume it's an Evolution II look-a-like; not the real thing.

Parked at Wellington Hospital is this very tidy little 1972 Alfa-Romeo GT 1300 Junior. I have never driven this model Alfa, but if it's anything like the models I have experienced it will beg to be driven hard and fast.

An old bus converted into a motor home carries a BMW R65 as a spare.

I took this photo about 7 or 8 years ago of a 1967 Mercedes-Benz 230. It was in every day use at this time and knowing how well those 70s Benzs are put together, I would not be surprised if it is still in use now.

A 1985 Mercedes-Benz 250 factory built limousine is snapped in Upper Hutt. The owner apparently had two of these for use as hire vehicles.

A lovely old Mercedes-Benz 220A parked in Palmerston North. As solid as a rock and still going strong.

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