Tuesday, May 17, 2011

In the Air

Here are some photos I have taken of aircraft in flight

A Monospar, De havilland Dominie and a Percival Proctor in a vintage fly past  at Palmerston North Airport.
The Monospar was the only flying example in the world and some years after this was destroyed in a hangar fire.

The Boeing 747SP was the only 747 model capable of using Wellington Airport. This Qantas example is landing from the North after descending over Wellington Harbour.

The RNZAF use to operate a fleet of McDonnell-Douglas Skyhawks, until one of our elected governments decided we did not need combat aircraft. They were then moth-balled pending a sale. They never sold and now our present government is donating them to air museums. This is a TA-4K two seat trainer about to touch down at Ohakea airbase in the central North Island.

Air New Zealand operated Fokker F27 Friendships on internal flights. The F27s had a peculiar high pitched whistle to their Rolls Royce Darts. This one is climbing to the North out of Wellington.

I would like to see a boy-racer do a burn-out like this. An RAAF F111 performs at an Ohakea air display.

Sir Tim Wallis does a low pass over Hood Aerodrome in his Spitfire on it's first visit to Masterton. Hood Aerodrome in Masterton has a very active sport and vintage aircraft club which puts on an air show at two yearly intervals.

Two members of the RNZAF Red Checkers aerobatic team perform their famous "mirror" manoeuvre in CT4B Airtrainers.

After an aerobatic flight a De Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth "floats" in to Hood Aerodrome.

During an air display at Palmerston North Douglas DC-3 top dressing aircraft makes a low sweep over the crowd.

This RAF Hawker Harrier shows how to do a vertical take-off at Ohakea.

Low over the crowd at Hood is a De Havilland DHC 2 Beaver top dresser....

.....followed by a Consolidated Catalina.

The Hawker Hurricane performs during one of the two yearly displays at Hood.

And now it's the Spitfire's turn.

A lone Red Checkers Airtrainer skims the top of a cloud.

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