Thursday, April 18, 2019

River City Park Up...Europeans.

1967 Mercedes Benz 230.
Benzes of this era are big, solid, comfortable cars, but can still cost a lot to keep on the road.

A good turnout from the Porsche enthusiasts.

1952 Citroen coupe is the second one I've seen recently.

Volkswagen Karmann Ghia looks like a high speed front engined coupe, but it wasn't.

I'm a big fan of the late model air cooled Volkswagen Beetles. They are relatively easy to maintain and drive well, but making them oil-tight is a challenge. This 1500 was presented in the condition it would have left the factory in 1969.

Furthest from the camera is a Volkswagen 1302SS which was the ultimate in Beetles, with MacPherson strut front suspension and double jointed rear axles their road holding was superb. Unfortunately the 1600cc engine was strangled by emission controls and I consider the 1500 a better car.

Earlier Beetles are also a well built, fun car. but for everyday use a conversion to 12 volt and a rear stabiliser bar are worth considering. Nearest the camera is a 1960 1200 while the other two are late 60s 1300s.

This 1300 Beetle was unused for 20 years and is now back on the road in original condition which is close to immaculate.
Another 1500 Beetle was parked outside the venue.
Roof rack is an ugly, but sometimes necessary extra as luggage space is limited.
This example also has widened rear rims and a touch of lowering.

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