Saturday, April 20, 2019

River City Park Up...Aussie Cars.

FE Holden with a few mods.

Stock stanmdard VF Valiant.

'75 Holden Premier Wagon.

EH Holdens are very collectable and they are increasing in numbers of restored examples, but EJs are far less common.

I love the Valiant hardtops.
Nice VF.

A few FJ Holdens around, but 48-215 (FX) is far less common.

Another VF Valiant...
...this time a Safari.

1977 CL Charger with 318cid V8.

1976 Chrysler Valiant Regal, also 318 powered.

This Valiant VG Hardtop is superb.
Look at those straight panels.

Another beautiful Holden Special sedan. This is a '61.

308 cubic inches for this 1976 Holden Statesman.

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