Saturday, April 20, 2019

River City Park Up...British Cars...(1).

1969 Morris 1300.
These, the 1100 model and the Austin equivalents (not to mention Wolseley, Riley, MG and Van Den Plas) were once everywhere on New Zealand roads. 

This '52 Vauxhall Velox is a fine example of a car that was well thought of in its day.

1950 Morris Minor with 918cc s.v. engine.
1938 Ford Eight 7Y with 993 s.v. engine

The 1725cc Hillman Hunter was quite advanced when it was introduced to replace the Hillman Super Minx.
This is a more up-market Singer Vogue version.

Series 1 Jaguar XJ6 in Lavendar with black vinyl top.
This one has the 2.8 litre engine of which there are very few around now.

Ford Zephyr Mk 1 convertible would have been a young car enthusiast's dream ride in the 50s.

Splendidly restored Austin A35 with its 948cc ohv engine which was also used in the Morris Minor 1000.

Standard Vanguard pick ups were once plentiful, but few and far between now.
1936 Morgan with its upright, exposed radiator and ventilated steel wheels is a change from the more common later models with their curved grille and wire wheels.

Ford Cortina Mk 1 from 1963 is another vehicle which was once plentiful, but the wire wheels are a rarity in New Zealand.

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