Saturday, May 19, 2018

NY and LA.

Some more of my daughters photos from New York city and then Los Angeles.
Slab sided delivery vans seem to be everywhere in the US. They seem to have various manufacturers.
This is a New York ice cream and milk shake seller.

This one appears to be the same maker, but with longer wheel base.
A different manufacturer , I think.
This one in the Little Italy area of New York.
Fire Department New York Ford, in the city.

Custom built chopper on display at the 9/11 National Memorial.

Electric bus in New York.
Bonneted delivery trucks are the normal everywhere.
Freightliner in New York...

...Freightliner and Navistar in Los Angeles.

Hino in L.A.

Freightliner articulated drinks truck.

International Navistar.

Bentley in L.A. with a finish that looks like blue chrome.

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