Thursday, May 10, 2018

More From the U.S.

Some snaps my daughter took in Manhattan, New York.
As I mentioned in a previous post, Macks aren't usually seen doing highway hauling in the U.S.
More likely to be seen as tipper or mixer.

Two black Kenworths unload as a Seagrave fire appliance makes its way between.

Bonneted delivery trucks appear to be the norm.
This one an International.

Bonneted Hino , not seen at all in our part of the world.

Lightweight Kenworth beer semi, about to cross Madison Ave on E 32nd Street.

Another bonneted International makes a delivery.

Freightliner Cascadia with low loader brings in machinery,
probably for the huge amount of construction going on in New York.

Another Mack mixer, on a construction site.

Older short bonneted truck, looks to be wearing the Ford blue oval as it passes a UD, which appears much more like the delivery trucks we are used to here, apart from the ugly protective bar on the front, made of water pipe.

Mack stopped producing the DM (with offset cab) in 2005, but here's one still working.

A closer view of one of the Kenworths shown previously.

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