Saturday, May 26, 2018

More 60s Dodges.

More from the David Esau collection.
The Meat Wholesaler's Dodge was quite spectacular in its day, with its bold sign-writing and its bright red wheels.
It was powered by the V6 Chrysler (Cummins) diesel.

The same truck in monotone.

The same truck again, attached to a stock trailer.

Meat Wholesalers also had this Perkins 6.354 powered Dodge.

A couple of shots of O'Connor's Transport tandem drive Dodge.

O'Connors had a single drive model as well.

Nolan's Concrete Products Dodge.

Not sure who was the original owner of this Dodge, but I'm fairly sure it is the same one...
...still being operated by Bill Neumann, some 51 years later.

Dodge light-weights used the same cab as Internationals of that time.

Generally single drive Dodges were V6 and tandems V8, but Wong's Transport specified a V8 for their single drive unit which generally transported cartons/pallets of fruit and veges.

Demonstration of the tilt cab on this model.

Two new tippers for Wairarapa South County Council.

The Dodge chassis were strongly built and were easily capable of arduous tasks like logging, but power would have been lacking compared with today's loggers.
This example was operated by Carter Merchants (Jones) Ltd.

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