Monday, October 26, 2015

Vauxhalls in Palmy.

Max has sent some pictures of a Vauxhall gathering in the square of Palmerston North.
1948 J14.
As the rego plate reads; it's a '56 EIP.

At the top of the PC range was the luxurious (by the standards of 1971) Viscount.
An L model Velox from 1951. This was the model that came between the J model and the EIP.

In 1958 the EIP models were replaced by the American styled PA.

Later PAs, like this '62 model, had a bit of a facelift.

The owner of this '66 HA Viva is very passionate about his car and turns up at most Vauxhall or British car events in the lower North Island.

This PB model Velox was powered by the 3.3 litre engine

I never thought the wrap around screen styling worked as well on the '58 Victor as it did on the sleeker PA Velox (and Cresta).

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