Monday, October 26, 2015

Minis In Labour.

Labour Weekend, saw the Mini enthusiasts have their national event, here, in Masterton.
The BMC A motor in all its glory; with twin carbs, in this instance.
Many in non standard colours.
One of the last "real" Minis.
Standard Morris Cooper S in one of the most popular colour options.
Sliding windows and exposed door hinges are in contrast to the flairs and chrome wheels.
Lift up front and front mounted radiator. I meant to come back and take a snap of the engine, but got distracted, so I can't tell you what is re-powered with.
Standard, early Morris:- Exposed hinges, sliding windows and long gear lever.
Re-bodied variants.
1300cc Suzuki conversion.
Van in Clubman form....
....and Moke.

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