Thursday, July 30, 2015

Here and There

Firstly, from "there", Paul has had an attempt at snapping some of the Aussie trucks for us.He admits his camera skills and camera are not of the highest calibre.
Kenworth T404SAR could easily be a kiwi rig.
Mack Trident. Note the interesting mounting of the warning beacons.
FM Volvo looks a bit more Aussie. with its heavy bull-bar and that second trailer, a type not often seen in NZ.
Western Star tanker with bull-bar again and Australian looking foliage in background.
Kenworth T404 with powder tanker. Cement perhaps.

And "here", my workplace has been a hive of activity this week with erecting of signs etc. for the new owners who begin operating from next Monday.
The concrete base of the old sign was dug out by digger, but a crane had to be brought in to lift it out of the hole... weighed in excess of three tonnes.
A container full of new signage comes off the side lifter.
Pulled along by Hino FS power.
The big hole where the concrete block was removed, had to be refilled with more concrete, courtesy of another Hino.
This one an FS.
And even more concrete. This time from an eight wheeler Mack Metroliner.

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