Monday, July 13, 2015

Classic Car Museum.

Whilst in Hamilton I took a look at their Classic Car Museum. Well worth a visit, but I thought there $20 entry a bit steep. Mary didn't want to go with me, at that price, but probably would have been tempted had it been a little cheaper.
With pop-up headlamps, no running boards and front wheel drive, the Cord was considered ahead of its time, in 1937.
Power was a V8 built by Lycoming
The 3.5 litre twin over head cam, triple caburettored engine of the 1962 Maserati, could power its aluminium 2 door body to a shade under 150mph.
The Porsche 912 was the replacement for the 356 and was built from 1965 to '69 with a 1592cc four cylinder flat four.
The more familiar 911, with 6 cylinder power in the same body was produced from '69 and overshadowed the 912.
The success of the 911 meant the 912 became all but forgotten, but now the four cylinder has become quite rare and collectable.
This 1964  German built Amphicar was the first RHD example.
 It had propellors just ahead of the rear bumper and could be driven into water and powered along as a speed boat.
1938 Morris 8 van was a very similar model to the one my grandfather delivered milk with.
The 1946 Anglia was powered by a side valve engine, but the 1935 Singer Bantam was overhead.
1933 Packard Victoria Coupe was pushed along by a 145bhp straight 8.
Rugby Coupe from 1928.
1950 Bristol 401 had a triple carburettored straight six.

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