Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Transport Wairarapa Early Days

The late Jock Robinson was involved in a management capacity with Transport Wairarapa from the 50s. One of his daughters recently lent me these photos to scan, from the family collection.
Fords trucks from 1941 till 1947 changed little and it is virtually impossible to identify the exact model from appearance.
This model of Ford was available with straight 6 or V8 power...petrol of course.
Heavy duty LHD 6x6 GMC is sure to be ex US forces. Stepped trailer was the equivalent of todays low loaders, but unfortunately smaller wheels and tyres were not available to get the deck lower.
Another 40s Ford.
Caption on the back of photo reads,"Unloading army hut, Rawhiti".
1937 or 38 Ford, followed by Austin and a couple of  Bedfords behind the cart.
Overloaded Bedford has the bonnet sides removed. No doubt to dispel the heat.
No.11  Ford appears to be loaded to the max, with another Ford following.
No.34 to the right of picture is, I think, a Fargo.
Ford is from '48, '49 or 50.
Writing on back identifies only one of the men.
"Dick Kilmister, leaning on truck, with hat".

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