Thursday, June 4, 2015

More Transport Wairarapa.

More from the Robinson collection.
The GMC is loaded with a very heavy bulldozer this time.
Ford school bus in the background.
All heavy vehicles were required to display a blue light in the centre above the windscreen, as were cars towing trailers.
The GMC again. This time with a load of wool.
All trucks appear to have a rear view mirror on the driver's side only.
I,m not sure if the GMC is about to tow this load.
I would have thought it may need a bit more weight over the drivers for traction.
Obviously mudguards or flaps were not a requirement.
If you want to move a building, just use three flat deck trucks.
Ford sedan to left of picture.
Same occasion.
Commer forward control and Austin.
Unfortunately this is a little out of focus.
I can't make out what the truck is to the right of the Ford.
Boil the billy for a cuppa after haymaking.
No-one in this photo is named.
I can't identify the tandem drive truck either. Maybe it's the Fargo shown in an earlier pic.

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