Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some Dregs from Cruise Martinborough.

The last of my Cruise Martinborough shots.
'77 Malibu isn't a common sight.

2010 Camaro looks quite similar to Charger of same era to me.
Apologies to all GM and Mopar fans.
Interior of '55 Bel-air.
'62 Corvette.
1939 Chev Master.
'59 Impala.
'64 Impala.
'55 Buick Century.
'69 Lincoln Continental.
Not sure exactly what this is, but workmanship was superb.
1973 XA Falcon GT.
Another view of the '49 Merc.
Registered as a '65 , but definitely a '66 Mustang.
This comes about because new year models are often released in the last half of the previous year.
Side on view of the Ford Model A.
Another '67 Ford Galaxie.
This old truck was in a yard near a service station in Martinborough.
I'm fairly sure it's a mid '30s Federal.
Also in the same yard was this rather rusty Benz.

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