Sunday, September 21, 2014

Paul's Sheds

If Paul Gleeson's yard is a "delight" for a truck enthusiast, then the contents of his sheds will have you ecstatic.
Famous names on the shed doors, gives some clue to the contents.
Commer Superpoise carries a past name, well known in the Pahiatua area.
Old Benz awaits restoration.
Nice Chev is very similar to Bedfords of the same era.
My late father's christian name adorns the bonnet of this Thames!
Thames being the name that Ford used for many years on its larger British commercials.
Lighter commercials wore the Fordson name.
International with striking red paint.
And another Inter in the same colour.
Daimler from before the first World War must be the oldest truck in the fleet.
Picture on wall shows an interesting exercise performed at some stage.
The bonneted 1418 Mercedes Benzs were probably the first model to be seen on NZ roads in reasonable numbers.
Big Leyland's size was impressive. Camera is at eye level, so that gives some idea of its height.
Chev from 1931 shares space with Bedford fire appliance. 

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