Monday, November 12, 2012

The End is Nigh

Some of the last of my archive of collected truck photos
Paul Pretty's Mack Mid-liner carted furniture.
Tait & McKenzie's F series Volvo was typical of the Australian sourced models with its flat, west coast mirrors, aluminium sun visor and trilex wheels.
Compare it with....

.... this Swedish sourced model with convex European mirrors, 10 stud wheels and  plastic sun visor.

A Hall's Refrigerated Transport Mitsubishi wearing their complex yellow livery before they changed to the more modern and simpler silver.

Brand new MAN awaiting delivery in Palmerston North.

This early Fuso from Wake's Transport (I think) from Thames is parked near the produce market in Palmerston North.
The very early Mitsubishi truck products in NZ wore the Fuso name, then for many years were marketed as Mitsubishi, only to revert to Fuso again in recent years.
Notice the errant melon laying on the road.

This International Transtar was used as part of a display at an Auckland truck show. One of the few trucks I have ever seen in NZ with externally mounted air-conditioning unit.

Produce Freighters ERF with a load of NOT produce !!

Skipages of Featherston had this International 210 of 1966 vintage to transport houses.

Caltex fuel in a 1981 Mack MCE686RST passes through Palmerston North.

This Hino FS and B-train, as you can see, is performing duties as a tyre test vehicle for
 "The World's Most Trusted Retread"

Two Fliway's rigs back to back, transferring some of their load.
Fliways specialized in moving computers and other sensitive cargoes.
This is a 1986 Scania P92M.

This Scania P112M also from 1986 was operated by Modern Freighters  from Levin.

A  Volvo of Leopard Breweries unloads some of its precious cargo at the Masterton Cosmopolitan Club.
This  G88 models was built in 1976.

Lots of white paint for this Mitsubishi and B-train. The only hint of its load is the Aulesbrookes  biscuit signage on the door.
Matte Franecivich of Dargaville passed through Masterton after picking up his new Pacific. Here he is stopped at Majestic Motors, from where he has purchased some of his beloved American cars.
Below is the interior. Typically American, with its scattering of chrome rimmed guages for every occassion.

A Mitsubishi FV415HRR of Red Express heads north from Masterton into the early evening.
The year was 1986.

Oldfield's Asphalts (now part of the Higgins group) at one stage operated a couple of logging trucks.
In this snap their 1986 Mack Superliner R722RS drives through the yard of Daniell's Mill after unloading.
Power was by the 500hp V8. 
I can see the name Kenneth on the door.
Is this the multi-million kilometre Kenworth of Ken Adam, that he now drives in Daily Freight livery.

Harvey Farms narrow cabbed TM Bedford about to move after a  short stop in Masterton's Chapel Street.
Power source would surely be Detroit 6V71.

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