Saturday, November 3, 2012

Archival Dregs

Isuzu and Mitsubishi of Child Freighters at an Auckland truck show in 1985.

Leyland Constructor in the Seaview industrial area of Lower Hutt.

Produce Freighters White Road Boss with 3 axle self steer semi-trailer, parked in Dixon Street Masterton.

Auckland truck show again. A 1985 Isuzu EXZ164T.

Brand new S26 Scammell with the low mounted cab.
 In the background a new car park is being constructed for Moore Wilson's warehouse in Masterton.

This 1983  Scammell S2635 of Monier is making use of the Kuripuni New World supermarket car park  to unload roofing tiles for the houses being built in the property next door.

Te Mai Station operated this 1974 4x4 Bedford as a farm truck.

Trevor Hawkins' 1985 Foden S108. This business has now grown to become Martinborough Transport.

Child Freighters at Auckland show again. A Mack R686RST from 1985.

Murray Kau Kau races through Taupo in his Freightways liveried Foden.

The trailer behind this International S line is used for transporting houses.

Tait & McKenzie of Featherston had this N series Volvo for a short time.

1983 Mercedes 2233 of Barrett and Tauru at a Palmerston North truck show.

Heatons of Tauranga perform a furniture moving job at a house in Cornwall Street, Masterton
with their '83 Leyland Mastiff SM2400.

Produce Freighters' 1984 Mack Cruise Liner WR722RS and B-train at the produce market in Masterton.

Scammell  S2635 from 1984 wearing Keveys livery, passes through Taupo pulling a 3 axle trailer with a large rear axle spread.

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