Friday, November 23, 2012

Old Stuff

Max sent me this photo of Child Bros fleet which he accessed from the Palmerston North library. Definitely a Ford fleet, but I can see a Commer and is that a Morris Major next to the Mk 2 Zephyr?
I wonder what year this was. Although most of the vehicles appear to be 40s models, the Mk 2 Zephyr didn't surface till 1956 and the Ford sedan near the left hand end of the second row is a '57.

Max took these at a truck gathering. I'm not sure where as I can't seem to find the original  e-mail.
I can see a TK Bedford, the Allen Mills & Son KenworthW924 and a selection from the Buckeridge fleet.

MAN 4x4 of Farmers Transport, Gleeson's Mercedes LP1319 and Ford V8, an LAD cabbed Dodge, Commer Superpoise and a couple of Commers from Murphy's Transport and Hargreaves. 

An International and a Model T Ford flank what is labled as an Austin. I have never seen one of these.

That must be a Chevrolet nearest the camera and the furthest one is a KM Bedford, but the one in the middle looks to have a Daimler radiator, but maybe it's a Koehler.

A few months ago a workmate, Donald, went on a bowling trip to Invercargill and managed to get a look at the late Bill Richardson's museum.

A Morris Commercial, two Albions and a Karrier sandwiched between two Commers.
All at Invercargill.

More of the British section: Several Bedfords, some Austins, including the clever FG model which had doors which did not extend beyond the body width when opened and another Morris Commercial.

TK Bedford right down the back, the nose of a Commer Superpoise is just visible, then a 1957 Thames Trader, 1958 Morris, 1965 Morris,1963  Dodge, 1937 Dennis and a 1967 Ford K series.
In the left foreground is the front of a 1955 Seddon.

1955 Ford F100, White Road Commander, this Fiat I remember seeing on the road in this area and a Fuso

A bit difficult to identify all of these, but I can spy some Internationals and  Chevrolets. The yellow one is a 1914 Willys and at the far right a 1911 Koehler.

Diamond T, Brockway, Reo, Mack.....Ooooh I've got to get to this place soon. It's all too much just looking at pictures.

GMC, Sterling....It's all too much. Definitely on the bucket list.

Some shots from the 2010 Vintage Harvest at Carterton.
1976 Bedford KM with a Detroit 6V92 power plant instead of the 6V71 which was more normal for the NZ market.

International ASW 160 fire appliance from 1959.

1948 Chevrolet pick-up with non standard wheels.

1974 Kenworth W924L with the livery of Allen Mills & Son of Dannevirke.

D series Ford from 1976 with twin steer conversion.

Nice Commer of 1962 vintage with the unforgettable sound of the TS3.

1970 International  F1800 Loadstar.

An old Austin looks as though it would be still restorable that I snapped on a country road somewhere.

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