Sunday, September 16, 2012

Some Gems of the 70s

The following pics were given to me by a very nice lady from Auckland who had had a partner who was right into trucks. After they split she ceased the truck enthusiasm and the photos were almost chucked in the bin. Fortunately I was in the right place at the right time. Originally I was not going to post them as the quality isn't great (taken with an Instamatic), but I realised they are real gems.
F series Mack of Bob Laing Papatoetoe.

The caption on the back of this photo says this is Mr America, which is D&K's showpiece.
The two children in the photo are Jason and Tina.

Danny Lendich's sleeper equipped Kenworth. Photo taken mid 1977.

The back of the photo says Ian Spedding's 3 KWs and Stevie's and Roose Industries Internationals.
This was taken at Ardmore Aerodrome during the filming of a Dunlop Aquajet TV ad.
I remember this ad well, where the trucks simultaneously dumped a huge amount of water in front of a braking car.

6 wheeler Scammell Crusader in brand new condition.

Ken McLeod's Kenworth.

Scott Transport's Kenworth.

Early White Road Boss.

Nicely painted Kenworth of Alexander Grain.

This photo, taken at Feilding, is apparently NZ's first Kenworth C500.

Volvo N10.

Smart Australian International ACCO 2152A.

Freightways Mack for heavy haulage work.

Early R series Mack of Green and McCahill.

Big ugly Hino of Turners and Growers.

Leaders from Australia were quite popular in NZ, while they lasted, usually Caterpillar powered and often with a Spicer transmission.

Early K model Kenworth with narrow grille, but not often seen with single headlamps.

Roose Industries International 3070.

This pic was sent to me by Matt Watson, who follows my blog. It is the 3 axle TK Bedford that his father, Trevor, used to drive for Bennet's Freight.

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I'm glad you changed your mind, Trev. Those photos were definitely worth posting.