Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pictures from a Blog Follower

Max Youle of Palmerston North has sent me some truck photos. These first ones he took from his front porch.
A Hooker's Scania streaks by with what looks like a "trombone" trailer, loaded with sailboat fuel.

Eight wheeler Hino with rear crane for hire.

Freightliner Argosy of Booth's pulling a step-framed trailer with curtains all round.

Another Booth's Argosy sans trailer.

Curtains again for this Roadfreighters Nissan.

Hino six wheeler gets the mail through for New Zealand Post.

Plain white with very small identification that this Scania belongs to the Truck Rentals Group.
Whilst working on the roads near Max's house a Higgin's Mack arrived to dispatch this Raco soil stabilizer in a nearby field.
As you can see the tyres are hanging over the sides of the deck and would need some careful unloading....

.....One loud CRASH later and the machine had slipped over the edge as the driver attempted to get it to the ground.

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