Thursday, September 27, 2012

Max's Marvellous Memories

Max sent me a link to these awsome black and white photos.
Max's Dad drove for G.S.Wycherley in Ashhurst, here is their Dodge with sacks of fertilizer being loaded into the hopper to be transfered to the DH82 (Tiger Moth) in the background. The truck on the left is a Commer Superpoise and to the right an Austin.

International and Chev with stock crates.

Two Internationals with stock crates.

Morris Comercial on a tipping job.

The Dodge again with sack load. Maybe to load into that Tiger Moth.

One of the Internationals again, with a big load of wool.

This Federal of Wycherley's now resides at the late Bill Richardson's truck museum in Invercargill.
In the early 50s, Max's dad left Wycherley's to start his own carrying business. This is a Bedford he owned.

This brand new S model Bedford was a bit of a rarity in NZ, as it was a diesel. Note there is only a mirror on the driver's side and the diesel badge on the front panel just below the steering wheel.
In this era in NZ some of the big British rigs like Leyland, Atkinson and AECs were diesels, but middle-weights, like Bedfords, were normally petrol powered.

Later a TK Bedford kept company with the S.

This International, being American, was more likely to be petrol powered.

A brand new Australian International ACCO cab and chassis arrives. I sincerely hope this was diesel powered, as the petrol V8s were renowned for their thirst. One operator told me he got 4 mpg loaded and 2 mpg with a trailer.

Now the ACCO has a deck and has been loaded up with wool.

These are great photos and if anyone else has anything similar I will gladly publish them.

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