Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Very Big Rig

Last Sunday I drove my daughter back to Wellington, after she had spent the weekend at home. Near Petone I was surprised to see this big unit parked up ready to move this 260 tonne transformer. Apparently it is part of some upgrades that are being done to the power link between the North and South Islands.
Coming from a rural town we don't get to see rigs like this in action. This is, as far as I can remember, the biggest rig I have ever seen in my life.
 Each of the two trailers had 13 rows of 8 tyres, that's a total of 208 tyres to check the pressure in, by my calculations,

At each end was a a Kenworth. This one at the South end was a C500, but I am not sure what model the other one is, that is pictured in the top photo. They appeared to be powered by Detroit 60 series diesels, but I couldn't  find any clues to horsepower.
The hauler is Tranzcarr Heavy Haulage Ltd. There are some superb videos of other loads they have moved at http://www.tranzcarr.co.nz/

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Anonymous said...

using the old Dales Freightways cradle.... and not even fully repainted :-)