Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Truck Photos yet Again !

The following photos I shot mostly in the 90s.
1990 DAF 3300 ATi operated by NZ Direct.

This Dominion Breweries Volvo F12 is unloading a load of its precious brew at a Lower Hutt night club.

Note the doors on the front of the rear trailer on this NZ Van Lines B-train. This is to allow loading and unloading of the front trailer right through the rear trailer without un-coupling.
Pulling power is provided by Colin Isaac's 1991 Scania R113M.

Dalton's delivered their potting mix with this 1982 International SF2670 for many years. More recently deliveries have been done with a Sterling rigid towing a full trailer.

Cooltrans had a number of refrigerated units operating for a while in the 90s, but alas the company has disappeared. this is their 1990 Mack RB688RST.

A 1973 Mercedes Benz 1418/32 still in active service in the 90s moving fairground equipment.

The signage on this MAN makes it fairly obvious what it is. With those graphics and the lack of a company name on the door, I suspect it is a MAN demonstrator.

Another cooltrans rig. This time a 1992 Mack CHR689RST.
Durham's 1997 Peterbilt 362 unloads a digger at the site of a new building in Upper Hutt.

A Rudd International S line with a well sheeted, but unusually shaped load at Copthorne Solway park in Masterton.

PBT Inter City Couriers (a division of Peter Baker Transport) operated this Mack CH689 from the time it hit the road in 1997. Seen here outside Peter Baker's seaview depot.

A 1983 Mack RA722RS Super-Liner with sleeper pod and coupled to a skeletal semi-trailer, parked near Trentham Railway Station in Upper Hutt.

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