Wednesday, November 2, 2011

On the Road Again

Last Sunday was a nice warm day so I headed out on the BM for my first decent ride of the Spring/Summer season. I consider a "decent" ride to be at least one tank full of fuel. That's somewhere around 300-350kms.I headed north from Masterton, sticking mainly to the main roads, to Waipukarau.
Manawatu Kia and Nissan at Pahiatua have this early Datsun Bluebird on their lot. I couldn't get any closer than this, but it appeared to be in superb condition. My younger daughter would probably say,"It's so cute".

Just before Waipukurau I diverted on to the old main road over Pukeroa Hill and stopped at the top to eat my lunch which I had prepared before I left home. The present main road can be seen below with Waipukurau in the distance.

From Pukeroa Hill I needed to use full zoom to get this shot of a KW tanker on the main road.

At Waipukurau this Foden looks worthy of restoration.

Nearby a TM Bedford appears to be in regular use.

Heading back south again out of Waipukurau there were thunder clouds ahead of me, so I turned left on to Hatuma Road and used roads east of the main road all the way back to Dannevirke. I missed the thunderstorm and sampled some brilliant motorcycling roads.

Though a little narrow in places, there are many corners and "ups" and "downs"but with good surfaces and very little traffic.

That's a motorcycle road.

I love the lush greenness of springtime in NZ.

Two Scanias and a KW at Buckeridge's yard at Dannevirke.

A Nissan CG380 at Farmer's Transport yard, also at Dannevirke.... well as this Kenworth.

South of Dannevirke I turned off at Oringi and again avoided the main road through to Mangatainoka.

At Mangatainoka this well kept Ultra-Liner is still working daily (except Sunday it seems).

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