Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2010 Vintage Harvest

In 2010 the Vintage Harvest was again held near Carterton. This time there many more trucks present

This Bedford is the same age as me and looks in better condition, but then I haven't been restored !
1991 R722RS. Not really an oldie, but still very smart.

I remember when Leylands, like this 1964 Hippo, were the big rigs of the road.Transport Nelson had a large fleet of these in both 6 wheelers (Hippo) and 8 wheelers (Octopus),

Nice 1973 Mercedes Benz LP1319 even has the huge R/T aerial which was almost compulsory on trucks of this period.

Brian Pope of Masterton spent many hours restoring this1948 Austin K2, for John Gray of Greytown, back to it's original condition. Note the single digit telephone number.

This 1976 Scammell Crusader had covered 3.8 million kms.

1955 Thames is a model not often seen restored.

Detroit 8V92TTA  powers this 1980 Kenworth W924.

Two Ergomatics. A 1970 Leyland and a 1967 AEC

This International looks like it may have a locally built cab. Many trucks of this era were imported only complete from the firewall forward, so cabs and body could be added in the form required. I don't know the exact year of this, but must be around 1943-36.

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