Saturday, April 16, 2011


I have also taken a lot of photos of aircraft. Somehow I find propellor aircraft more fascinating than jets.What better way to start than photos of a few Cessnas.
My two daughters (now grown up) stand beside a 177RG at Hood Aerodrome. Hood is our local aerodrome in Masterton NZ. The 177 was originally designed as a replacement for the 172. The 177 was very sleek, had no wing struts, and this model had retractable gear....but the customers kept buying the boxy old 172. Better ain't always best.

A 206 floatplane is anchored at Lake Te Anau awaiting the next lot of tourists who want to see the splendour of NZ's South Island from the air.

Another 206 tied up in Porirua Harbour near Wellington. The pilot told me he had flown some people in from the South Island to look at property.

A 208 Caravan taxis out at Hood Aerodrome.

An Australian registered 310 at Hood.

A 182 tied down at Hood.

Another air race entry. a nice tidy 180 at Hood.

A 182 with Wren conversion. The Wren components enable short take-offs, landings and slow speed flight. Note the small planes just behind the prop. These move in conjunction with the elevators to improve low speed pitch control.

A fairly late model 172, a 172R.

A 337 climbs away to the North from Hood Aerodrome.

A 150 at Hood Aerodrome.

Cessna 421 Golden Eagle taxis in at Hood while a Douglas Dakota lands behind.

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