Monday, April 4, 2011

2007 Vintage Harvest

The first Vintage Harvest was held near Carterton in 2007. The event was held not only to show early methods of harvesting, but also to demonstrate older machinery in general. I mainly went to look at the old trucks, but found I spent many hours of looking at almost everything there with great interest.

You don't get much older farm implement than this. Two clydesdales pull the reaper/binder.
These two Lanz Bulldogs sat idling all day. Jerking back and forth as their huge pistons of their single horizontal cylinder performed their duty. This is what they were designed to do as they are as much a stationary engine as a tractor. On the left is a 1937 model, the other a '56.

John Deere made the first diesel in 1949. This is the "R" with two large parallel, horizontal cylinders.

Many a farm in this area had a Bedford of similar model to this as their farm truck. This is a 1955 A5.

A military collector from Carterton showed this 1967 ex NZ Army International F230D heavy equipment transporter.

Gleeson's travelled from Pahiatua with this 1959 "S" Bedford...... well as their 1947 Ford V8.

This TS3 powered Commer was painted in the livery of Hargreaves Transport of Dannevirke.

A Fordson E27N with half-track conversion.

Garrity Brothers of Greytown displayed their 1937 Chev along side their 2004 Hino.


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