Sunday, March 20, 2011


I wanted to photograph trucks even before I owned a camera and often think of the photos I could have taken. We used to (as a family) travel to Rotorua to visit relations. I remember well the different models of long nose Internationals. I remember in Malfroy road two trucks reversed into a shed, alongside each other, with their fronts facing the road. Can't even remember what one of them was, but the other I thought wore a Leyland badge. It had very low windows in the front corners, and I now wonder if it was actually a Bristol. If anyone remembers or has a photo I would be delighted to put it on this site. Another one I remember was a white or cream coloured Mack articulated tipper which used to park near the intersection of Lake Rd and Fairy Springs/Old Taupo Rd. I think this was probably the first Mack I had ever seen. I remember it had the word "Thermodyne" signwritten on the bonnet side. I'm guessing it was probably a B series. Again if anyone has a photo.... This would have been early to mid 60s. Also in Te Puke I remember a Guy (Invincible I think) pulling logs through the main street one day. I know Matthew Wright's "Trucks Across New Zealand" book shows a Guy belonging to Hugh Fraser. I seem to remember it was blue. Was this the same truck.
This is the first camera I ever had. It was given to me by my brother-in-law and had to be one of the best things I have ever received. The films only had 8 frames per roll, so you had to be fairly economical with picture taking. Consequently I haven't got many truck photos from this era. These cameras actually had a very good lens. I later discovered you could buy colour film for it and took some very clear photos which I had enlarged.
One of my first photos was this LAD Leyland Comet of Transport Nelson which was driven by my second cousin Laurie Walling. Laurie was a brother to Alf who ran trucks in the Mount Maunganui/Tauranga area. A couple of years before this Laurie had taken me with him for a full day in his earlier model Leyland, but that unfortunately was before I had a camera. The happy "trucker" in the photo is my late father, Arthur.
This Mercedes 1418 with trailing axle used to park regularly in High St in Masterton.
Transport Wairarapa had the Atlantic fuel and oil distributorship for this area. This is their AEC Mandator with an A-train of tankers, and their Bedford flat-deck.

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The Old Vic said...

I love those Mark 5 Mandators. I used to drive one at Mobil in the 60s; compared to the Atkinsons which I also drive the AEC was a lot quieter and more comfortable, also far better looking in my opinion.