Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trucks continued...

As far as I know, all NZ Scammell Crusaders were 8V-71 Detroit powered. This 8 wheeler with twin stacks is parked near a hotel for the night in Masterton, before the long trip back to Wairoa in the morning.

TM Bedfords with the wide cab were also 8V-71 powered. As far as I know Produce Freighters no longer exists.

F model Macks used to be common amongst the line haul rigs. this is an 8 wheeler of G.H.Burridge of Wellington about to take part in a truck parade.

A 6 wheeler of Darrell Shellard's at the same event.

Allen & Huntley ran a small fleet out of Masterton, including this 8 wheeler Isuzu.
Another company that has

Nupin Distributors of Porirua, near Wellington had several American trucks like this White Road Boss flat deck, named "The Governor"......

....and this W model Kenworth called "Rocky" with Cummins 350 power.

A smart Mercedes-Benz 1424 of Bulk Transport first went on the road in 1978.

W model Kenworth, with 350hp Cummins and 10 speed Roadranger. I crossed the road to look at this rig near Rotorua. The driver crossed the road to look at my motorbike.

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