Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Bikes

To continue the story of bikes I have owned:

The obvious step up from a 350 Four was a 500 Four. A nicely balanced machine and more power than the 350, but some how I still had a soft spot for the smaller high revving four. One minor thing I didn't like with the 500 was the flat mounted speedo and tacho whereas the 350 had the gauges angled toward the rider.
At one stage I owned a 900 Kawasaki which I never really liked, and I haven't got a photo of.  One of the main problems being the seat. I was doing quite a lot of long distance touring now and the Kawa seat was like sitting on a block of concrete. I soon found not having a car had its drawbacks (girlfriends who didn't want to come out in the rain) so bought a car and  this used Honda 450. Although I had mechanical problems with it, which involved removing the engine from the frame, a task which I perfomed in my Dad's garage, I actually quite enjoyed owning it.

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