Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Paekakariki and Taranaki.

About a month ago we somehow finished up in Paekakariki for lunch.
I've seen this lovely Riley at the British Car Days, but nice to see it out on the road...

....whichever way you look at it.

Earlier in July we spent a few days in Taranaki. The weather wasn't the best, but one of the things we managed to do was visit the Taranaki Aviation, Transport and Technology Museum. Lots of interesting stuff to see, but I have limited my photos to the vehicles.
Chevy truck wasn't immaculate, but still in a very good "used"condition.

Gnats were quite a popular NZ made item on many farms. This one is Honda powered, so will have a reverse gear. The Villiers 2 stroke powered examples, reversed by running the engine backwards.

Standard Vanguard Six was the forerunner to the Triumph 2000.
Alongside is the love it or hate it, Triumph Mayflower.

Lightweight Bedford fire appliance is still in good running condition.

The Standard 10 was a popular little car in its day and certainly an improvement over the Standard 8 which didn't even have a boot lid. Luggage was installed and retrieved by folding down the backrest of the rear seat.

A short drive south of New Plymouth I spotted this early '50s Humber Hawk.....

...and this mid 60s Hillman Super Minx.

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