Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A Medley of Motors (1).

Various recent photos from all over.
Nimon Volvo looks very ordinary with its mostly gold livery.... opposed to similarly styled Oceania Scania with its two tone paint

Not many of these early Transits around now.
This camper equipped example is at a local garage.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost was at Hood Aerodrome one day when I popped in to see if there was any action.

Local smash repairer Rob Walker has Oska.
A spruced up Morris van with a modern power plant.

The Life Flight Jetstream 2302 awaiting a patient at Hood.
Another day at Hood I saw this Cessna 210 with Australian registration.
The 210 is Cessna's biggest piston engine single, with six seats, retractable gear and cantilever wings.

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Yang said...

These are some great classic vehicles.