Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dangerous Skies.

Last weekend we travelled to Blenheim for a family gathering. While there I took the opportunity to visit " Dangerous Skies", the World War 2 section of the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre.

A disabled Hawker Hurricane plummets, inverted from the sky with its jettisoned canopy
disappearing in the slipstream behind it....
...The pilot has already parachuted to safety, had his injuries bandaged and is now sharing a wine with a lovely lady.
The scene is based on a true event, in which the pilot landed in a wealthy manor and was sent the bill for his care afterwards !

A close up the lady.
Very lifelike models.
Close up view of one of the Armstrong Siddeley Cheetahs, in the Avro Anson.

One of the many detailed displays.

The inverted Hurricane, with flames flickering on the side of its
engine cowling, above the flying glass-house (Anson).

A Fleet trainer, Yak in the background and Stuka overhead.

A Stuka dive bomber begins to descend with its propeller driven sirens screaming.

A famous female Soviet pilot stands proudly by a Yak fighter....

...Soviet pilot Lydia Litvyak.

Where the Spitfire should have been, was a Ryan Monoplane, trainer.
The Spitfire was away for servicing.

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